Occasional Cleaning Service

Cleaning Services in When You Need Them

People benefit greatly from cleaning services, but you may not need them all the time. Some homeowners enjoy cleaning around the house or, at the very least, managing to keep up with it. But we could all use a little help from time to time. Maybe you are looking for a big spring cleaning, or you are hosting a party soon. Whatever the reason, our occasional cleaning service is the perfect solution for you.

Our house cleaners are highly trained professionals that know how to get the job done quickly and correctly. Just because it is a one-time clean doesn’t mean it won’t be perfect. Our occasional cleaning service gets the same fantastic treatment as our regular cleaning service. Whether your preference is a scheduled service or a one-time / occasional cleaning, Maid Aid Express is here to support you.

We are always available when you need us. We’re just a simple phone call away. If you find that your needs increase or you really like having a perfectly kept home, we can always help you set up a scheduled cleaning service as well. We strive to make every customer feel heard and special. We work on many different schedules and take special requests as needed. We’ll work with you to determine how we can best fill your needs and give you the home you deserve.

A Great Experience Every Time

There are many reasons why you would choose to have an occasional cleaning service. You may have an event coming up or want to get a sample of our services. Whatever the case, our trustworthy and highly skilled professionals are always dedicated to quality and customer service. We have a rigorous training program, so, even for one-time cleanings, your home will be spotless.